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Creating A Great Audio Visual Experience For Your Visitors

About a year ago, I started getting really involved with my neighborhood. We would spend a lot of time going through and doing things together, and I decided that it would be fun to have an outdoor movie night once in awhile. I started looking around for a great business who could help us with audio visual equipment, and it was really interesting to actually find a business that could help. We talked with them about what they could do for us, and we were able to rent a large blow-up movie screen, a projector, and chairs for everyone who would come. Check out this blog for interesting information about audio visual equipment.

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How To Add Drama To Your High School Social Studies Classes This School Year

Are you a brand new Social Studies teacher? Perhaps you have been teaching social studies for a long time and teaching has become very routine for you. If you are wanting to add some pizzaz to your Social Studies classes this year, from using costumes to attending Prezi workshops, here are some ideas that might help you to be the kind of teacher your students will remember in a positive way:

Make A Dramatic First Impression - Remember that your students see a lot of dramatic things on television and on other social media. You have competition! Think of ways that you can make a strong impression on the very first day of school:

  • For example, think about wearing a tuxedo and a fancy top hat as you enter the classroom or as you welcome your students into your classes.
  • Another idea is to have a dramatic story ready to tell the kids. Remember not to read the story, but to actually have it memorized so well that you can tell it in a way that will make an impression.
  • Consider bringing something to class that is totally unexpected. For example, if your school will allow it, bring your pet cat or your dog and let the students get to know it.
  • Be ready with a dramatic Prezi that will give an overview of the focus of this year's Social Studies.

Attend A Prezi Workshop - Have you even heard of Prezi before? If not, you'll probably want to attend a Prezi workshop soon, as it will help you during your entire school year.

  • Think of your past Power Point presentations on steroids. Instead of using slides like you did in Power Point, you'll be making one larger presentation where you can place the focus on different views more smoothly.
  • At a Prezi workshop, the instructor or the instructors will help you learn how to add pictures, diagrams, quotes and other things that will enhance your presentation.
  • Be sure to let your instructors know that you are a Social Studies teacher. He or she will help you to learn how to focus on a classroom Prezi.
  • For example, you can even create games to use in your Prezi. Think about how effective it can be to zoom in and out of questions and answers in an easy way.

Even after attending your first Prezi workshop, you'll want to attend more of them so that you can learn new skills. Contact a company like Imprezzing for more information and assistance.