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Creating A Great Audio Visual Experience For Your Visitors

About a year ago, I started getting really involved with my neighborhood. We would spend a lot of time going through and doing things together, and I decided that it would be fun to have an outdoor movie night once in awhile. I started looking around for a great business who could help us with audio visual equipment, and it was really interesting to actually find a business that could help. We talked with them about what they could do for us, and we were able to rent a large blow-up movie screen, a projector, and chairs for everyone who would come. Check out this blog for interesting information about audio visual equipment.

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Making A Corporate Video? Know When You'll Be Able To Give Constructive Feedback

Are you getting ready to have a professional video production team produce your next corporate video? If so, you may be wondering how much input you need to give to make the video a success. Hiring professionals in this situation is a great idea because this is one job that you want to leave to someone that knows what they are doing. However, you will also want to make sure that your video turns out the way that you want it. Here are some places during the video production process where you will be expected to give feedback.


If there is any place to give feedback, it's in pre-production. This is where many decisions are made that will affect the final video that is being created. It starts with script approval, where you will be given a couple rounds of revisions to make changes to the dialogue and planned action. When the script is locked, you can move forward with approving other aspects.

You'll get to voice your opinion on the talent that are being used, the wardrobe that they wear, any props used, as well as shooting locations if you will not be shooting on a closed set. The production company will generally pick from their preferred vendors so you don't have to worry about finding the person that is doing the lighting.


Believe it or not, but the production process will involve the least amount of decision making. Hopefully, all the tough decisions have been made in pre-production and all you need to do is relax and watch the shoot unfold. You can be expected to give feedback on takes that you do not like, or to help make sure one of the actors is saying their lines properly. By hiring a professional crew, it should help ensure all of the technical aspects are done correctly.


It's common to let the editor do their thing in the edit bay until they have a rough cut to show you. You will then get a round of feedback on how to improve on the video, as well as the option to sit down with the editor and look at other takes. Once the edit is locked for the picture track, you'll move on to voice over recording, mixing, and color correction. You'll get to sit in on these sessions if you wish, or just sign off on the final color and audio mix when finished.

Once all the elements have been combined into the final video, you'll get one last look before you approve the final files to be made.